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Are You Fascinated with Prehistoric Times?

Want to know more about the ‘Tyrant Lizard King’, Tyrannosaurus rex?  Why were their arms so small? 

What did they do with the most powerful bite of any land animal?  Was it a scavenger? A predator?  Did it have feathers?  Live in packs? How about VelociraptorPachycephalosaurus

The Paleo Portal has information about them, and all the other wondrous vertebrates of yore!  


 Unravel the Secrets of the Mesozoic Era 

When you become a Paleo Portal member, the whole family will have a chance to get lost in time.

 And . . .

With all the new material added monthly, everyone gets the chance to discover something new. Something that possibly no one knew before.

Like the discovery that some dinosaurs may have been mostly aquatic -- Looking at you, Spinosaurus!

Or find out, “Did raptors have feathers?  Did they hunt in packs?”  


How is this even possible? 


When you decide to become a Paleo Expert, you indulge the fact that you were

Born to Explore!

Walk side by side with real-life Paleontological Detectives as they uncover secrets that lay dormant for millions of years. 

 Becoming an insider also means joining Fossil Crates founder, Dr. BC, and the Fossil Crates crew on a journey beyond the one of a kind learning experience Paleo Portal offers.   


That’s Right

Twice a month, Dr. BC will crack open the Fossil Crates Museum to uncover your knowledge and answer your questions. 

You get real-time exploration into your love for Dinosaurs and Fossils with



Who is the Paleo portal for? 

Children and Adults 
Dinosaur Enthusiasts
No matter if you are a Dinosaur enthusiast, a Fossil Fan, or are looking to entertain and educate a group of future paleontologists,



Don't let your curiosity go extinct! 

Join now and you get a FREE Raptor Pack to use and take notes when you chat with

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Paleo Portal excavates the mystery of Paleontology with


You will elevate your knowledge of fossils and stones and bones as the Paleo Portal Paleontologists take you from,

Fossil Fan to Paleo Expert 


You will also be the first to get your hands on never before released Paleontological discoveries.

You get access to:

✴Interactive Content

✴One-of-a-kind dinosaur art

✴Fascinating updates on new scientific discoveries 

✴Videos of behind the scenes museum visits, live digs, and all things Paleontology

 All of this is only available in the Paleo Portal Members Area.

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You also get authoritative insight on topics that engage your knowledge of Dinosaurs and the sciences behind them.


This revolutionary interaction with real Dinosaur Doctors digs into:

✴Dinosaur anatomy








(It's like the museum is coming right to your living room) 



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Until now,

Paleontologists have been somewhat of a mystery. 
The Fossil Crates Paleo Portal is changing that. 
Dr. BC and his team are the most personable paleontologists you will ever meet 
AND . . .
They are excited to share, opening the portal to fulfill your dreams of being a Paleontologist, too.

Who is Dr. BC?

Dr. Brian Curtice is a dinosaur paleontologist and founder of Fossil Crates. He has traveled six continents studying dinosaurs, lecturing, and teaching worldwide.
As a sauropod specialist, Dr. BC is responsible for "eliminating" Ultrasaurus, Dystylosaurus, and Seismosaurus, and demonstrating Supersaurus as the longest dinosaur yet discovered. Dr. BC is also an accomplished photographer whose images have appeared in numerous publications.

YES! It's like having your very own Dinosaur Paleontologist!


Dr. BC will debunk myths and examine current discoveries in the Dinosaur and Paleontology world.  

PLUS. . .

You, your friends, and family finally have a chance to share what you know about ancient times with a Dinosaur Doctor.  

And, the best part . . . 

You get to share the experience with the whole family without the travel cost.



On-site Digs from Fossil Fans

It’s inexpensive and involves hands-on learning

I really like it so far, and I could have some fun with it as a STEM educator. It’s inexpensive and involves hands-on learning – which is how most youth learn. I can see it inspiring new interests in this kind of science. A huge bonus is while most kids are stuck at home, this can be something for quarantined families to use.
I love the short but educational videos to go to while holding a real fossil replica—pretty neat stuff. 
Loretta Boatwright ~ STEM Educator and Retired 4H Coordinator

He Can't Wait To Be a Paleontologist Himself!

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU!!! My son Jeffrey was just on with you, on zoom. He was so nervous and excited to actually be able to meet a real paleontologist, to see all the fossils, and to have his questions answered. He has loved Dinosaurs since he was so little. I could not thank you enough. 
You were so informative and patient with the kids. You made his entire year!! 
I had to email you because he just told me, with joy on his face, that this was the best day of his life!!! Now, more than ever, he can’t wait to be a paleontologist himself. 

Susanne M.

 Live Interactive Sessions

Twice a month, you will have access to Dr. BC and other Paleontologist friends with a live, interactive Zoom meeting. This is your chance to share your ideas and knowledge, ask questions, and explore what it’s like to live the life of a Paleontologist.

Behind the Scenes

You get an all-access pass that goes beyond the museum floor.
Join Dr. BC and friends as they take you on location into the collections and prep labs of museums around the world.  Accompany them on excavations to see what it is actually like to unearth dinosaurs and more.

Stories from the Quarries

Incredible stories directly from Paleontologists about their conquests, misadventures, and fascinating, mysterious fossil finds.


Monthly Subscription to Paleo Portal: From Fossil Fan to Paleo Expert


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  • Exclusive videos and Interactive Content  on All-Things Paleontology
  • Downloadable PDFs on the latest  scientific discoveries
  • Official Paleo Portals One-of-a-kind Paleo-art 
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